Contributor Spotlight: Review of Until the End of Forever

Nancy's Review of Until the End of Forever by Shannon Hart

In Until the End of Forever, Sarah Matthews has recurring nightmares that she is drowning and she can’t figure out why. They have gotten so bad that they are disrupting her life. Sarah has a devoted husband, Rob, and two children, Katie and Josh. She also has a small graphic design company with her sister-in-law, Lucy. Sarah thinks she has it all, but her subconscious tells her otherwise. The nightmares gnaw at her when she is asleep and awake. Her friend, Samantha, is able to tell that she is unhappy and tells her repeatedly to see a therapist, something Sarah refuses to do. When they both have lunch with Rhonda, Sarah’s previous boss, Rhonda presents Sarah with an opportunity to go to Paris for a few weeks to work on coffee table books. Sarah is reluctant to leave her family but realizes that this could be the way to clear her head and finally get past her awful nightmares. After convincing Rob that Paris is exactly what she needs, Sarah leaves everything behind, seeking a change of scenery, new people, relaxation, and a new perspective on her life. However, when she gets there, she wonders if she made the right choice. She worries that her absence is hurting her marriage and her relationships with her kids. She worries that she won’t find any of the answers she is looking for in Paris. But, most of all, she worries that things will never be the same when she returns from her trip.

This book is told from both Sarah’s and Rob’s perspectives. There are a lot of flashbacks throughout the book to the beginning of Sarah’s and Rob’s relationship, detailing what led them to their current situation. They have been inseparable since they met, but their relationship is put to the test when Sarah chooses to go to Paris. The flashbacks provide some necessary background information but the story could have been a bit better with less of them and more action in the present instead. Hart paints an accurate picture of a marriage in a rut. Many people will be able to relate to Sarah’s feelings that her life has become mundane, predictable, and boring. She seeks excitement but isn’t exactly sure how to find it, a common problem for people who get caught up in family life and their careers, forgetting to take time for themselves. Sarah and Rob face a road filled with uncertainty, tragedy, and loss on their way to rediscovering each other and what they want out of life. Until the End of Forever is a quick, thought provoking read. Readers who enjoy Hart’s short stories will definitely enjoy her novel.

Shannon Hart is a contributor here at The Chick Lit Bee. She writes short stories regularly for us. Until the End of Forever is her first novel and she is currently finishing up her second manuscript. Aside from writing, Shannon enjoys reading, shopping, and movie nights with her husband. To learn more visit and follow Shannon on Twitter.
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