Featured Book of the Week: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

As the excitement builds for the movie version of Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, it is the perfect time to feature her latest novel, Heart of the Matter, which was published last summer.

Here's the description:
Tessa Russo is celebrating her wedding anniversary with her handsome husband, Nick, a pediatric plastic surgeon, when his pager goes off. At the hospital, he meets his new patient, six-year-old Charlie, who has been badly burned while roasting s’mores. Charlie’s mother, Valerie, a high-powered lawyer who has raised Charlie on her own, is wracked with guilt. As Charlie goes through various grafts and surgeries to repair the damage done to his face and hand, Nick and Valerie become close. Tessa, a stay-at-home mom who has misgivings about leaving her professorship, recognizes the distance growing between her and Nick but isn’t sure what to attribute it to or what to do about it.

You can listen to the first chapter below, read by Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame.

Have you read Heart of the Matter? Do you want to? Are you a fan of Emily Giffin's books? Share your thoughts with us. Thanks!