The Chick Lit Bee Welcomes New Contributor!

We are thrilled to announce that Keturah has joined The Chick Lit Bee as a contributor! She will mainly write reviews for us. Her first review will be posted soon, so be sure to check back often. We are so excited that Keturah is on The Chick Lit Bee team and we look forward to her contributions. Please join us in welcoming her to The Chick Lit Bee!

Here's a bit more information about Keturah:

At a young age, Keturah realized that she was in love with sci-fi, fantasy and comics. It wasn't until a lot later in life that she discovered a name for her interests. She is a fangirl. The relief she feels from finally belonging to a community of like-minded individuals makes her very happy. Previously, Keturah worked for a trade publisher, immersing herself in the wonders of literary fiction. Now she freelances for various publishers. Specifically, she is marketing the Miss New India reading guide. When she isn't thanking J.J. Abrams for finally giving her Uhuru & Spock, she likes movies, sushi, traveling and volunteering for good causes.

To learn more, follow Keturah on Twitter.