Stories from the Hart: BFF, Part 2

BFF by Shannon Hart
Part 2 (To read Part 1, please click here.)

I groaned. Oh God, did I have feelings for him. I loved him to bits, but I just felt so stupid for even feeling that way. I drove him away and accused him of so many stupid things he didn’t even do and when he tried to tell me he didn’t, I refused to believe him. How was I even entitled to still love him?

“Zoe, if you still love him, you should say it. It’s not going to kill you.”

“Yes, it is. It is going to kill me because I’ll have to hear my own words and face the fact that it’s all my fault.”

Carrie sighed what sounded like a sigh of relief. “So it’s true then, you’re still in love with him?”

I nodded. I couldn’t say the words. Just listening to her say them already made my chest hurt and my head spin.

“If you had another chance with Jesse would you take it?” she suddenly asked.

“Are you kidding? In a heartbeat!” I exclaimed, a bit too excitedly.

“What would you say to him if he were standing next to you right now?”

I thought about that question a million times in my head before. What would I actually say to him? “I’d say that I was an idiotic, jealous bitch and that I didn’t deserve his forgiveness but that I hoped he would give it to me anyway,” I answered, with a lump in my throat. “I’d say that I love him more than anything and that I’ve been so freaking out without him, but it’s too late because he’s moved on.” By the end of my sentence I had tears streaming down my cheek. For a brief moment I wondered, how did we get to this? This was supposed to be our weekly girl’s night out, not a cry-fest.

“He didn’t move on, Zoe.”

I thought to myself, how selfish was I to be sitting here crying when… Wait, what? “What did you just say?” My eyes squinted, afraid to believe what I just thought I heard.

“He didn’t move on. We didn’t go on a date. He wanted some advice about you, so we met up and talked about how stupid both of you were that you couldn’t just come right out and admit that you still had feelings for each other. God, did you really think I’d go out with him?” Carrie suddenly had this smug, victorious look on her face that I didn’t even know she was capable of.

“But why couldn’t he just tell me?”

“That’s exactly the same question he had for you. He was waiting for you all this time to say what you just said to me, that you were an idiot for ever doubting him, but you never did and it hurt his ego.”

Carrie’s words felt like a slap in my face. It was the revelation I never knew I needed to hear.

“So, what are you saying? He still loves me? He wants to get back together?”

“I do… Still love you, I mean. But the getting back together thing is up to you, not me.”

I never realized how much I longed to hear Jesse’s familiar voice until I heard it. I turned around and my jaw dropped when I saw Jesse standing there, looking every bit as handsome as I remembered. If it were humanly possible, I’d say he looked even better.

“Jesse…” was all I managed to say, barely louder than a whisper. With literally no hesitation, I leaped off of the stool and buried myself in his arms. When I felt him lock his hands around me, I closed my eyes and sighed in relief. Being in his arms just felt so right.

Carrie cleared her throat, prompting us to realize that we were still in public.

Blushing, I turned to my best friend. “You knew all along how I really felt,” I said.

She nodded. “I knew it better than you did.”

I walked over to her and hugged her, thanking my lucky stars that she moved in next door all those years ago. I couldn’t imagine how my life would be without her.

Carrie hugged me back and smiled, then hopped off of her stool. “I’ll just leave you two love birds alone… Besides, that guy at the end of the bar looks pretty cute,” she winked at me and headed over to off-duty cop guy.

“Thanks, Carrie,” Jesse said courteously, as we both watched Carrie toss her hair back and straighten her skirt. I laughed, remembering how stupid I was to think that she’d actually go out with my ex-soon-to-be-current-again boyfriend.

“What’s so funny?” Jesse asked, pulling me in closer to him. Our faces were just a few odd inches away from each other and I was completely high on the scent of his aftershave.


“Zoe, if we’ve learned anything the past year, it’s that we need to be honest with each other. We could have been back together months ago if we had the guts to actually say what was on our minds,” he said, brushing a few strands of hair from my face. God, I loved it when he did that.

“What’s on my mind right now is that I can’t believe you’re here. I can’t believe I’m in your arms. Now, what’s on yours?”

Jesse smiled devilishly. “Me? I’m thinking, why the hell aren’t we kissing?” He tilted his head and stared into my eyes.

With a smile, I said, “Then kiss me already.” Just before I closed my eyes and met his lips, I saw Carrie do a little victory dance.

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