20 Questions with Author Jane Lovering

We're so excited to have author Jane Lovering joining us today for 20 Questions! Her latest novel is Please Don't Stop the Music. Hope you enjoy our Q&A with Jane!
Kindle or Nook? Kindle

iPhone or BlackBerry? What? These are real things?

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Coffee or tea? Coke

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Neither. Cold, urgh.

Flats or heels? With my legs? Waders.

Facebook or Twitter? Both

Call or text message? Do I owe them money? If not, call.

Favorite song right now? Stuck singing All Time Low's Weightless. Sorry, everyone.

Celebrity crush? Well, I think David Tennant fancies me. Oh, other way round. Err...

Last movie you saw? Paul.

Favorite television show right now? Being Human

Favorite snack food? Pringles

Your most overused word or phrase? Ow!

Your hidden talent? Look, I've barely got any obvious ones, let alone hidden.

Your biggest pet peeve? Fur. Everywhere. Do they think I'm MADE of Dyson?

Favorite activity when you’re not writing? Riding fed-up looking horses.

Favorite authors? Terry Pratchett, Marian Keyes, Jenny Colgan, Richard Wiseman

Favorite books? Paranormality, Northanger Abbey, Rachel's Holiday, Talking to Addison.

Comment heard most often from your readers? "It's quite dark, isn't it?" And they aren't even in the cellar!
About Jane Lovering

Jane lives in North Yorkshire with her five children, four cats and two dogs, and her husband. Her likes include marshmallows, the smell of cucumbers, words beginning with B, the smell of the understairs cupboard, and Doctor Who. In addition to Please Don't Stop the Music, Jane is also the author of Reversing Over Liberace, Slightly Foxed, and the upcoming Star Struck. She teaches creative writing. You can find out more about Jane from her website at www.janelovering.co.uk and by following her on Twitter @janelovering and 'liking' her author page on Facebook.

About Please Don't Stop the Music

Please Don't Stop the MusicJemima Hutton is determined to build a successful new life and keep her past a dark secret. The trouble is that her jewelry business looks like it will fail until enigmatic Ben Davies offers to stock her handmade belt buckles in his guitar shop. Then, things start looking up on all fronts, but Ben has secrets too. When Jemima finds out that he used to be the front man of hugely successful indie rock band Willow Down, she wants to know more. Why did he desert the band on their US tour? Why is he now a semi-recluse? And the curiosity is mutual, which means that her own secret is no longer safe.


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