Book Review: Love Struck

Nancy's Review of Love Struck by Chantel Simmons

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Love StruckPoppy Ross is an image consultant living in Toronto who thinks that she has the perfect life, including the perfect marriage. It is no wonder that she is shocked when she overhears that her husband, Parker, is having an affair. Her whole world begins to crumble as she struggles with this surprising and devastating revelation. When Poppy receives a call that Parker was struck by lightning, she rushes to the hospital only to find out that Parker was with the other woman, Sienna, and they were both affected by the bolt of lightning. Poppy approaches Sienna at the hospital and pretends to be a sociologist, so that she can gather information. After seeing how different she is from Sienna, Poppy decides that she needs to transform herself to look like Sienna so that Parker, who lost his short term memory of the affair, won't ever remember Sienna or go back to her. Poppy's plan is flawed in many ways, leading her down a difficult yet eye-opening path to the real truth.

Love Struck is full of laugh-out-loud moments as Poppy tries to look like Sienna. She changes her hair and her nails in addition to getting a tan, getting her teeth whitened, and wearing padded cycling shorts. She tries to change her physical appearance in every way possible without undergoing actual surgery, but that doesn't mean the process isn't painful. Despite the heartbreak that is the catalyst for all of these changes, readers will be able to see the humor in Poppy's pursuits. This book is a fun read with some unexpected twists that will definitely keep readers engaged in the story and invested in the characters. There are also some good lessons about the trouble that can come with trying to be perfect, because, after all, no one is perfect.

Chantel Simmons is also the author of the bestseller Stuck in Downward Dog. She has worked at ELLE Canada,, TV Guide, Elevate and The Toronto Sun. She is currently the Hair Editor of The Kit, Canada’s first digital beauty magazine. Chantel also teaches magazine and online writing and editing in the book & magazine publishing program at Centennial College. She lives in Toronto with her husband and their cat. For more information, visit and follow Chantel on Twitter @ChantelSimmons.
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