Book Review: Downward Dog, Upward Fog

Thirty three year old Lorna Crawford is seeking meaning in her life. She has a job as an events coordinator for an ice cream company, a handsome boyfriend, and good girlfriends. She should be happy, but something is missing. She embarks on a spiritual journey toward living better and more at peace, something that has been hard to do because of all the negativity she receives from her mother. Lorna’s boyfriend doesn’t understand her new interests either and certainly doesn’t share them. He seems like the perfect guy, but he might not be the perfect guy for Lorna. She wants to have a calmer lifestyle in which she can better deal with what is thrown her way. She must learn how to have a balance in her life so that she can feel a deeper connection to herself and the world around her.

Downward Dog, Upward Fog includes yoga practices, meditation techniques, and spiritual teachings as Lorna attempts to find out what mind, body, and spirit methods are out there and work for her. The novel isn’t overwhelmingly preachy, but rather shares Lorna’s confusion and clarity as she tries different options toward her better self. It is spiritual women’s fiction, a departure from most chick lit novels, but that’s the point. The story delves into alternative ways to live a healthier, happier life. The ending may not satisfy some readers, but the overall story is worth the read. 

Meryl Davids Landau is a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. In addition to her debut novel Downward Dog, Upward Fog, Meryl has written many articles for national magazines, including O, Reader's Digest, Glamour, More, Prevention, U.S. News & World Report, Parade, Self, Redbook, and Whole Living. Her writing has won several awards, and was a finalist for a prestigious National Magazine Award. For more information, visit Meryl's website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.