Character Profile: Evie Nicholson in Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne

Name: Evie Nicholson

Age: 30

Occupation: Antiques appraiser

Location: London

Sibling: Alice Nicholson

Parents: Happily married (except for their 6 month split when Evie was 12)

Crush: Fraser Graham (Alice's boyfriend)

Possible new crush: Robert McAndrew (has a girlfriend)

Tattoos: None 

Weakness: The past

New adventure: Appraising the contents of Scottish castle Kettlesheer

Fear: Her dream actually coming true

Describes herself as: The anti-Snow White

Invited to: A ball at Kettlesheer

Not good at: Dancing

"A charming example of British chick lit, with a lovable, self-conscious, hopelessly romantic heroine and a dark and dashing leading man, a Scottish castle full of history and romance, and as much appeal and complexity as a Scottish reel." -- Library Journal

“Browne's clever modern-day Cinderella story balances a sharp eye for the ridiculous with a genuine affection for the foibles of tradition to tell the delightful story of a woman finding passion--and freedom--on the dance floor.” -- Publisher's Weekly

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