Book Review: Sex, Life, & Hannah, Volume 1, Winter Season

Sex, Life, & Hannah, Volume 1 is the story of twenty-eight-year-old Hannah and how she deals with finding herself suddenly single right before the start of the new year instead of getting engaged to "The One,"  the partner with whom she has a long and tumultuous history. The Winter Season follows her as she comes to terms with her breakup, and the fact that it won't be like all the other times when they broke up and got back together. Hannah desperately does not want to stay single, nor does she really want to put herself out there again to get hurt. With the help of her friends, she decides to find herself a rebound, and she has numerous candidates for the position. Is it the hunky Ben, a younger guy who lives with Hannah's two gay landlords? Is it Clark, one of the landlords who might be bi? Or what about the mysterious older Mr. Smyth who she meets at an office party?  

The layout of this book is unique. A book written in magazine format and in editions is very different! The only problem with the format is the minor annoyance of having to go back to the top to read the second half of the page since it is written in columns. Volume 1, Winter Season starts off with a bang and continues from there. Hannah is likable and many people will be able to identify with her and what she goes through on her quest to not end up alone. Her friends Jack and Ireland are very entertaining, and their escapades provide great entertainment, humor, and even slight shock value. Hannah is torn between her rebound guy and another relationship.  

Volume 1 has not only an author, but an editor, assistant editor, and designer, just like a magazine. The author, Dorota Skrzypek, was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, received her higher education in the US, and now resides in California with her husband, who also happens to be a writer and producer and is the assistant editor of the book. Volume 1 was originally published in 2007.