Book Review: One Pink Line

One Pink Line follows the life of Sydney Shepard and how she meets the man of her dreams right before she leaves for college. Both commit to each other but also agree to allow each other the opportunity to enjoy college. What results is a long distance relationship that works for a while but eventually results in Sydney making a huge mistake, jeopardizing her relationship with the love of her life. Her temporary lapse in judgment results in the birth of a daughter, Grace, and the storyline begins to come together to follow both Sydney and Grace’s journey. 

One Pink Line is a story all young women should read because it shows that even when life throws you a major curve ball, resilience exists where you least expect to find it. Sydney exhibits the common characteristics of a young woman in college: selfishness and a desire to experience life to its fullest, even if it means making mistakes that can hurt others. However, when it matters the most, Sydney quickly grows up and attempts to pick up the pieces of her life. Ethan is a wonderfully drawn character who always seems to show level-headedness and kindness even when Sydney doesn’t exactly deserve it. Grace’s point of view shows her confusion relating to her parents and how sometimes what you think you want the most may not be what you really need. This book is a touching read and shows us that life never really goes according to plan. 

Dina Silver graduated from Purdue University. She has spent several years working as a copywriter in the advertising industry and also formed her own greeting card company. Since the creation of Dina’s Ideas in 2003, she has penned over 300 original greeting cards. One Pink Line is her debut novel.