Choose Emily Giffin for Dancing with the Stars!

The Chick Lit Bee has started a campaign to get bestselling author Emily Giffin on Dancing with the Stars! Join the efforts in trying to get the show to offer Emily a chance to be in next season’s cast. Note: This blog is not affiliated with ABC, Dancing with the Stars, or Emily Giffin. 

The Chick Lit Bee is organizing and leading this campaign for the following reasons:
  • Emily is persistent and goes after her dreams, leaving the legal profession after five years to write her first novel. She’s a risk taker and follows her heart. Emily is an inspiration to many women, and appearing on Dancing with the Stars will be a courageous step outside of her comfort zone. There’s no doubt that she can win the hearts of viewers like she has with her readers.
  • Emily is America’s author sweetheart. Women around the world adore her and her novels. She’s met readers in person during her book tours and speaking events, and she reaches out to her fans online. She has over 120,000 likes on her official Facebook page and a verified Twitter account with close to 30,000 followers. Emily is open and honest and that’s why so many people can relate to her. 
  • If Emily joins the cast of Dancing with the Stars, it will be the first time an author appears on the show. There have been other cast members who have author on their lists of credentials, like reality star and author, actress and author, singer and author, etc., but Emily is solely an author and an author first and foremost. It would be a new dynamic for the show and a profession that hasn’t been explored yet on TV. Emily is a talented, hardworking, dedicated author and deserves a spot on the show. She isn’t a celebrity in the tabloids, but she is a star.
  • Emily’s participation in a show of this magnitude would give a lot of attention to chick lit and women’s fiction. It would be a huge platform for these genres, including their authors and readers, to get the recognition and respect they so deserve. Emily is an excellent representative for books that are written for women about issues that concern women. She can bring our love and passion for chick lit and women’s fiction to a national stage. 
  • Emily doesn't have a background in dance or any performing arts. She's a novice and would learn to dance from scratch, which is the heart of the show. 
If you want to see Emily Giffin on Dancing with the Stars, please like the campaign's Facebook page and follow the campaign's Twitter account. And please tell all your friends to do the same. Thank you!